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The Russell Home for Atypical Children in Orlando has been in continuous operation for over 60 years without any government support. The Home is the only private, non-profit facility of its kind for severely disabled children in Central Florida. We are also a member of the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies.

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We are a fan!

Robert Mickelsen has been a flame worker for more than 42 years. He founded Mickelsen Studios, Inc. in 1989 when it was still a tiny enterprise in a 200 sq. ft. room in the back of his garage. Although he has had periodic studio assistants throughout his career, Robert has always worked alone. But that has recently changed. Mickelsen Studios has become a family affair! There are now five of us – four flame workers and one office manager, making a variety of products in addition to Robert’s solo artistic work. We all live and work together at our home and studio in Ocala, Florida.

Mickelsen Studios, Inc