Residential Services

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  • Electrical Panel and Service
  • Electrical Pool Panel
  • Remodels
  • Multi-Unit Condo/Duplex
  • New Construction
  • Custom Homes

Residential Projects

Service calls occur every day where someone realizes they may have an issue. If you're getting a shock don't wait to call a professional to troubleshoot the electrical system. Some safety concerns are floating neutrals, loose connection, wire exposed, worn breakers or ground issues. Oven or dryer outlets are another area where a professional like Brock's should do the installation due to the high voltage these outlets provide. Brock's also installs ceiling fans and moves TV outlets for wall mounted TVs. Call us and we will answer!

We install Generators and cycle generators for multiple customers. Our customers have many reasons to use their generators like hurricane events, prepping for loss of electrical and medical emergency backup power.

Remodels are our specialty! We have excellent skills for working in older buildings (homes, apartments and hotel/motel). In these types of jobs we complete the demolition, bring the wiring up to code, rewire for remodel, security lighting, adding GFIs, under the cabinet lighting, fans, recessed lighting, track lighting, adding new home runs, switches, ceiling fans and landscape lighting.